How to Clean a Commercial Deep Fryer

    How to Clean a Commercial Deep Fryer?

    Cleaning a commercial deep fryer is not an easy task, but it needs to be done regularly. But, how often will it depend on how many people use the fryer and how much food you have in your restaurant?

    How to Clean a Commercial Deep Fryer: The Ultimate guide will show you the steps necessary for cleaning a commercial deep fat fryer so that it is safe for use again!

    Fryer Cleaning Tools

    • As a way to prepare for the cleaning process, gather your deep fryer-cleaning supplies.
    • To clean a deep fryer, essential supplies are protective gear.
    • Make sure to wear a pair of safety glasses and nitrile gloves. These will protect your delicate skin from getting burned by hot oil, which can happen if you’re not careful.
    • The grease stains on your clothes can be hard to remove, but an apron will help protect your clothes from staining.
    • It would help if you also bought a scrubber with a long handle for reaching the outer parts of your deep fryer.
    • If possible, purchase a fryer coil brush. This small brush can reach spots that your other brushes cannot clean.
    • The fryer rod is handy for removing any remnants of food left behind after the oil has been drained from the fryer.
    • A drain valve extension can be threaded onto the fryer’s drain tube to empty it. To clean a deep fryer, you’ll need a stockpot to catch the used frying oil.

    Deep Fryer Boil Out Process

    Deep fryer kettle is thorough cleaning and boiling the deep panes from inside and removing the baskets and equipment to clean the inside of the fryer. To degrease soiled greases you need to remove the old fuel, add water and detergents. High-value frying can require greater boiling and/or boiling depending on the restaurant’s food operations.

    We recommend changing the oil after having changed color, consistency, or a bad and unexplainable taste or unappetizing odor. This should be completed once a few fry re-inches or at least once a month however can more frequent modifications of oil may need.

    Exterior cleaning

    Staff should wipe up the external wall of the deep fryer with a soft cloth in clean detergent and in the direction of the finish. This prevents grease buildup that ultimately causes degrading. If water can’t completely wipe away stains then use baking soda (or other cleaning products) or a clean detergent.

    Try to rinse immediately and dry to prevent contamination. Rinse immediately and dry to prevent contamination. Clean out the frying pan and dry the skin immediately to avoid contamination. Rinse the paint with water or baking soda to prevent its contamination. Clean them up and down to eliminate the accumulation of grease.

    Interior cleaning

    The Interior of deep fryers differs. Some models use open pot or tube style. Cleaning the surfaces will also depend according to style. Boiling-out involves the removal of all that was left oil into the pan then boiling water to thoroughly rinse down oil and grime.

    It is important to clean each type of deep-fryer often as necessary to improve the overall taste of your food, improve the longevity of their oil, and keep their components functional. Boiling out refers to the removal of old parts. The oil and then it will boil. The food is removed if any grease has come to the frypot.

    Fryer Maintenance Tips

    Monitor gas leak detection and prevent damage using periodic cleaning using vacuum hoses. If you notice gas puffing up around the fryers immediately remove hoses from where the leak originated. When cooking food keep the frying bowl from entering the oil.

    Extend the time to service and life of cooking oil by keeping the heat low and opening fryers where they are not used at night and between busy hours. Last but not least extend the life expectancy using keeping a fryer lower as opposed to putting it off when it’s not in service at night.

    Other Fryer Maintenance Tips

    Before the fryer is cooked off and cleaned, try to remember these basic tips for the proper sanitization and care of this machine.

    How to clean a commercial deep fryer?

    • Gather supplies before taking on the task of clean your commercial deep fryer boil.
    • Before beginning, unplug the fryer and allow it to cool for several hours. Be sure that the oil temperature is less than 150 degrees before starting.
    • Remove baskets from the fryer and wash them in the sink.
    • To clean the commercial fryer, first, you should drain the oil into a container it came in. Use a slotted spoon to remove any grease and crumbs from the bottom of the deep fryer.
    • To clean a commercial fryer, make sure the oil has been safely disposed of or is contained in a clear container. Use a metal spatula to remove buildup on the sides. Hold a paper towel under the dispenser and flush it down the drain to clean up the oil from the sides.
    • Now, you can place the fryer into the sink and fill it with hot water. Add a squirt of dish soap for each gallon of water.
    • Clean out the fryer, scrub the exterior with your brushes and use soapy water to get into all nooks and crannies.
    • To clean your fryer, add 1/2 cup white vinegar. To clean a fryer, wipe it with a soapy rag.
    • When finished, it is essential to rinse the commercial fryer with hot water.
    • Dry the fryer all around with a lint-free cloth. Wipe down the heating element with a damp rag and then dry it.

    Deep Fryer Cleaning Tips

    If you are using a commercial deep fryer boil, make sure to follow these guidelines:

    • Remember the sensitive components when cleaning your fryers. You must be careful not to expose particular elements such as electrical heads, switches, and temperature probes to water, or they can get damaged.
    • To reduce the alkalinity of the cleaning solution, mix vinegar or citric acid in water and spray on the fryer before rinsing.
    • Vinegar and a detergent solution are two natural substances that can also help clean fry baskets.
    • To clean a deep fryer boil, use protective eye gear with gloves and an apron.
    • When cleaning a deep fryer, add water and chemicals to the fryer before boiling the mixture.
    • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your specific deep fat fryer.

    How do I boil deep fryers?

    The boiling of a deep fryer consists of bursting the tank into the water and special disinfectant and making a boiling mixture. In effect cook, the grease drenched inside that could have an adverse impact on your final product.

    As an alternative to boiling operator could keep the washer and the water in the unit overnight at room temperature if needed scrubbing frequently to prevent rubbing against the grease to remove grease from. Specific steps are possible but they vary by unit.

    Why should I boil my deep fryer?

    Old food and residues in an oven fryer can influence how well food fries and alter its oily quality which also affects its cooking flavor. You can also cook your fryer. With this heating-out oil, you make your oil last longer for your money.

    In the process, you’ll probably be using fewer chemicals to heat the fryer so that if you get accustomed to regular boiling it will eventually remove dirt and grime, and contamination.

    How do I do a deep-fry?

    Water boiling in a fryer is a simple process that involves boiling water and washing the solution. This removes residues and grease residue from the fryer. The procedure for a fryer clean-out includes a cleaning rod with a cleaning griddle and a High-Temperature fryer brush.

    How do I clean a deep fryer oil?

    Does oil change often after cleaning it? Show the different quality of the oil? Does the frying process work? Although there is no single solution you can find it important to filter your oil once a day.

    What is a boil out a deep fryer?

    Cooking with grates and food that is in a Deep Fryer has different taste levels. When preparing a deep frying pan the cooking procedure is an excellent way to preserve the taste of the food. That keeps the oil from burning longer.

    This will lower the cost of replacement oil. It also stops the accumulation of grease making cleanup in fryers much more difficult. When you re-puddle the oil it keeps its heat in the fryer.


    As you can see, it’s not too difficult to clean a commercial deep fryer. Having learned this, we hope

    Your next deep-frying experience is less stressful and more enjoyable! We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have with the process of cleaning your deep fryer, be sure to contact us so one of our specialists can help answer them for you.


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