How can I make my room feel like a hotel

    How Can I Make My Room Feel Like a Hotel

    Holidays are not complete without a stay in a luxury hotel – a comforting and pleasurable experience, in which there are many possibilities to explore in your own home.

    1. Clear the decks

    If you stay in a hotel, keep your belongings in a room where there won’t be any detritus from your daily life. When you take the time to clear your mind of the clutter of half-packed suitcases, unpacked clothes, or unread books, you will find that you are able to rest easier and relax.

    2. Cut down on the cushions

    Throw cushions add style to a room and allow you to add your own touches to it. Keep it under control! Considering that you won’t be paying staff to remove the sheets from your bed, simplify your hotel room to make it more satisfying for feel like a hotel

    3. Tuck in your sheets

    Every morning, instead of grabbing a quick pull-up with your hands, and fold the hospital corners – it’s as if you’re being observed! At the end of the day, there is always the possibility of them loosing as you climb in, but as you relax, you will appreciate the extra effort you made early.

    4. Set up a mindful space

    In high-end hotels, your room typically has a sofa or table so you can read or focus on your work. Create a place to spend time in quiet reflection so you can use your favorite statement chair as it was intended.
    How can I make my room feel like a hotel?

    5. Go five star with window coverings

    It is impossible to imagine a room without blackout curtains to make it feel luxurious and private, at the same time. The use of heavy curtains to block out weather, sounds, and light can create the perfect hotel feel while creating an ideal sleeping environment.

    6. Install bedside light switches

    In an unfamiliar hotel suite a switch handy to the bed is essential, but bedside light switches allow you to control your task lighting from your bed. A lamp, smart light, or wall sconce enable easy bedside access.

    7. Activate your own turn-down service

    While you can only place chocolate on your pillow, there are a number of tasks you can accomplish yourself to make your room more retirement-worthy. The sheets need to be lowered, the lights dimmed and your clothes folded. Fill up your water glass. Relax.

    8. Reinstate your alarm clock

    Next to the bed because it’s not ideal to have your smart phone beside you while you’re sleeping. The ability to switch off overnight is essential when your life is constantly at your fingertips 24 hours a day. Even a clock radio helps you start the day on your own terms with an old-fashioned alarm clock – it wakes you up on your own time.

    Imagine how much better that hotel experience would be if you could order breakfast delivered to your bedside!