Best Luggage Locks

    Best Luggage Locks 2020 – Don’t Worry During Your Trip

    Do you fear you might lose important items during your trip? Well, we’ve compiled a list of the best luggage locks for maximum safety.

    Traveling means requires us to carry big loads of luggage. Sometimes, the backpack gets filled up with important travel items.

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    It is always advisable to use the best luggage locks to protect it against theft. These locks come with various styles and features. They also have different prices.

    Here are some of the best locks that you can buy.

    Best Luggage Locks Reviews 2020

    #1 Safego WHTE141 Portable Indoor/Outdoor Lock Box

     SAFEGO Portable Indoor Outdoor Lock Box

    This luggage lock ensures that your stuff is secure. You can use it whenever you are going to the park, office, gym or other places.

    You can keep anything in it; ranging from your electronic devices like cameras to medicine. It has many different features.

    Water, sand, salt and rust resistant

    High-impact ABS plastic is used to make the Safego WHTE141 Portable Lock box. It makes it water, sand and salt resistant. It is also weather resistant.

    Your valuables will be safe no matter where you are and the current climatic condition. This lock is nickel plated; this makes it rust-resistant.

    Key or a 3-digit combination access

    There are two ways to open this luggage lock box; using a key or a 3-digit custom combination code. You can change this combination as many times as you want.

    Adjustable plug opening

    The Safego lock box comes with an adjustable plug access. It enables you to reach your electronics even when you have safely kept them away. Then, you can easily charge them or use them while traveling.

    Heavy-duty steel cable

    This lock box comes with a powerful steel cable that is flexible.  It allows you to safely lock it around any fixed object.


    This SAFEGO lock box only weighs 1 lb.  It makes it very easy to carry and use when traveling.

    Why buy the Safego WHTE141 Portable Lock Box

    This is clearly one of the best lock boxes that you can own. It is convenient for use due to its strong steel cable. You can use it during all types of weather conditions. While most lock boxes are prone to rust, this one is not.

    Moreover, it comes with five different colors; white, pink, gold, blue and black. It also comes with a 90-day warranty.


    • Weather resistant
    • Lightweight
    • Adjustable plug opening
    • Flexible steel cable
    • 90-day warranty


    • Sharing can be inconvenient; each person requires theirs

    #2 SnapSafe Lock BoxSnapSafe Lock Box

    This is another lock box that is worth buying. You can use it for many items including guns and phones. The SnapSafe Lock Box is only available in the United States.

    Strong and durable

    This is a super strong lock box. Its firm construction enables it to provide your valuables with maximum protection. The lock box also comes with a heavy steel construction that makes it long-lasting.


    The SnapSafe Lock Box has a large storage space. You can put several items that include a full size pistol.

    Great foam padding

    It has a quality foam padding that ensures that your items are undamaged. They cannot rattle while inside.

    Why should you own the Snap-safe Lock Box?

    The Snap-safe Lock Box is sturdy and has other great features. It is made from heavy duty steel. It has foam padding so that you can comfortable store your valuables.


    • Has foam inside
    • Firm
    • Has a large storage space
    • Quality lock box.


    • The lock box cannot be shipped internationally.

    #3 Travelsafe GII Portable Safe, CharcoalTravelsafe GII Portable Safe, Charcoal

    This is the perfect lock box to secure your properties while exploring.  Like all Pacsafe products, it has been designed for secure mobility. You can have this portable safe in two sizes; 5L and 12L.

    EXomesh Locking System

    This lock safe comes with an eXomesh locking system (360-degree). This stainless steel mesh prevents thieves and intruders from breaking into your bag.


    This Travelsafe lock safe is suitable for traveling.  With the 12L safe, you can store something as large as a 15-inch MacBook. You only need a TSA approved combination (three-dial) to lock it.

    Water resistant

    This lock box is water resistant. With it, you don’t have to worry about water damaging your stuff.

    Why do you need the Travelsafe GII Portable Safe, Charcoal?

    There are various reasons why you need this travel safe?  It has a strong poly canvas material that can last for years.

    Moreover, it comes with a durable stainless steel mesh that keeps thieves at bay. It can fold down flat so that your entire luggage can comfortably fit in.

    It has handles that allow for convenient carrying.


    • Convenient
    • EXomesh locking system
    • Has a fabric lining
    • Water resistant


    • It is not fireproof

    #4 TSA Approved Luggage Locks (Combination Luggage Lock)TSA Approved Luggage Locks (Combination Luggage Lock)

    Here’s one of the best tsa lock that you can buy. They are suitable for use when traveling. Its allow you to pass all TSA safety checks at airports. They are quality and long lasting.

    3-dial combination lock

    TSA approved luggage locks have 3-dial combination locks. You can easily set and use your passcode. You can also reset it whenever you think the previous one is inconvenient.

    High quality, material

    TSA lock manufacturers use zinc alloy and steel to make these travel locks. This material not only makes them durable.  A flexible steel wire that can survive all sorts of luggage abuse is also used to make the lock.

    Search alert technology

    The tsa luggage locks make use of lock alert technology. It notifies you every time when screeners open your luggage for inspection. After the procedure is done, the red indicator becomes visible. You can reset it afterwards.

    Why buy the TSA luggage locks?

    There is no loss in buying the TSA Luggage Locks. They are always protected. An agent must re-lock your luggage bag to remove their key.  It also has a three-dial combination lock that is very easy to reprogram.  With it, you will never have to worry about the safety of your luggage.


    • 3-dial combination lock
    • Lock alert technology
    • Made from durable material


    • Easy to reset combination can pave way to confusion if you’re not keen

    #5 Master Lock 4687DNKL Instant Alert TSA Accepted Luggage Lock Master Lock 4687DNKL Instant Alert TSA Accepted Luggage Lock Master Lock 4687DNKL Instant Alert TSA Accepted Luggage Lock

    You can also buy the Master Lock TSA Accepted Luggage Lock for luggage protection during traveling.

    The lock works well and the combination is pretty easy to reset. With it, no one can break into your luggage.


    This TSA accepted lock only weighs 11.2 ounces. This makes it easy to carry and handle. The last thing you want is a heavy lock to protect your luggage. It only adds to the weight that you have to carry.

    Search alert technology

    The lock has a red indicator that signals you when TSA agents open it. This ensures that you know every time when a TSA inspector accesses your luggage.

    Easy-to-set combination code

    This TSA Accepted Master Lock has a combination that is very easy to create and reset. This makes it a more convenient lock that you can use.

    Contemporary satin nickel finish

    The Master Lock TSA Accepted Lock comes with a satin nickel finish. It compliments most travel bags adding to your elegance.

    Why buy the Master Lock TSA Accepted Luggage Lock?

    There are several reasons why you should never hesitate to buy this lock. To begin with, its passcode is easy to set and reprogram. Again, it is light and doesn’t add much weight to that of your luggage. It is a convenient lock to use.


    • Lightweight
    • Satin nickel finish
    • Lock alert technology
    • Convenient


    • The combination is located at the end of the lock; not always clearly visible

    #6 TravelMore TSA Luggage Locks with 4 Digit Combination

     TravelMore TSA Luggage Locks with 4 Digit Combinatio

    The market currently has millions of luggage locks. This is one of the best that there is.

    It has been approved by the TSA hence their agents can lock and re lock it. It is key less; making it more convenient.

    4-dial combination

    This 5 Pack TSA Luggage Lock uses a 4-dial combination that is easy to set and master. At no time will you ever find yourself locked out of your luggage.


    You can use these locks on many things; and not on your travel bag alone. These can be a backpack, a briefcase, a locker or even a laptop bag.


    This is one of the highest quality TSA approved locks. It has powerful alloy lock bodies and hard steel shackles. Moreover, they have patented internal mechanisms that make them almost indestructible.

    5 Luggage Locks

    These locks come in a pack of five. You can use them to lock multiple travel bags.

    Why buy the 5 Pack TSA Luggage Lock with 4-Digit Combination?

    There is no reason why you should not buy these luggage locks. They are highly durable and you can use them for years.

    You can also use them to lock many items. This allows you to protect your valuables regardless of the bag you’re carrying them in.


    • Durable
    • Can lock many things
    • Easy 4-dial combination
    • They come in a pack of five


    • Not entirely indestructible

    #7 Master Lock 4680DBLK 2 Pack 1-3/16in

    Master Lock 4680DBLK 2 Pack 1-3/16in

    This Combination TSA Accepted Luggage Lock is designed to ensure that your luggage is secure.

    It is suitable for locking duffle and sports bags as well as backpacks. You can also use them on jewelry and curio cabinets. This lock is TSA approved.

    TSA  screens can unlock them to inspect your luggage and then relock them without causing any damage.  Its body is metal and cannot easily be destroyed.

    Strong diameter shackle

    This Master Lock has 3mm diameter, 19mm long steel shackle. It is super powerful and resistant to cutting and sawing.

    3-dial combination lock

    The lock allows you to set your own three-dial combination lock. The code is easy to set. All you have to do is pick one that is unpredictable and unforgettable.

    Side window

    This Master Lock TSA Approved luggage lock comes with a unique side window. It enables you to view your combination without struggle.


    The Master Lock 4680DBLK 2 Pack 1-3/16in is exactly what you need when traveling. It enables you to protect your valuables against theft or harm.  You can use it to lock various types of bags ranging from brief cases to backpacks.

    Why buy the Master Lock 4680DBLK 2 Pack 1-3/16in?

    The main reason why you should buy this lock is because it perfectly suits your traveling needs.

    You can use it to lock many bags. With your secret 3-dial combination lock, no one can steal or damage your stuff. This combination is easy to set and use since it is visible.


    • Suitable luggage lock
    • Can lock many types of bags
    • Easy to set and reset 3-dial combination lock
    • Durable metal body
    • Powerful steel shackle


    • Doesn’t have an indicator to alert you when TSA Screeners inspect your luggage

    #8 Ultra-Secure Dimple Key Travel Locks with Zinc Alloy Body

    Ultra-Secure Dimple Key Travel Locks with Zinc Alloy Body

    TSA Approved luggage locks are what you need to protect your luggage against theft. Have you tried the Ultra-Secure Dimple Key Travel Locks? These forge locks are highly durable.

    They are one of the most secure travel locks that are currently on sale. With their features, there is no reason why you should not purchase them.

    Zinc alloy body

    Manufacturers use zinc alloy to make the Ultra-Secure Dimple Key Travel Locks.  This makes them super strong and you can use them during your toughest trips. They assure you of your valuables’ safety even when you are not around.

    High quality dimple key

    These locks come with an advanced dimple key that has a stainless steel tumbler. This tumbler system is not prone to lock picking hence you will never have cut your lock.

    Similar keying

    All the locks in one package are keyed the same way. Once you buy it, you can use a single key for all the locks.  You can safely store the other keys or give them to a friend or relative.

    Various different uses

    These locks can be used to lock a variety of bags. They can be duffle bags, lockers or even luggage containers.

    Why buy the Ultra-Secure Dimple Key Travel Locks?

    These Forge locks are absolutely worth purchasing. They are made from a zinc alloy that makes them durable.

    They use an advanced tumbler system that prevents them from freezing up. With them, you are guaranteed that your luggage is safe.


    • Can be used on various types of bags
    • Durable
    • Secure
    • Advanced dimple key


    • Similar keying can pave way to theft when another party accesses your key

    #9 SMART4U Waterproof Smart Biometric Keyless Padlock

    SMART4U Waterproof Smart Biometric Keyless Padlock

    The SMART4U Waterproof Smart Biometric Keyless is one of the most convenient travel locks that the world has seen.

    It is suitable for lockers, gym and sports bags, cases, hasps and also luggage bags. All you need to lock it is your fingerprint. You can now forget about mastering passwords or carrying keys.

    Well illustrated user guide

    One of the best things about this Biometric Keyless padlock is that it comes with a clear user guide.

    You do not need any prior experience with fingerprint locks. It teaches you how to register your fingerprint and use it to open the lock.

    Can register a maximum of 12 fingerprints

    The SMART4U Waterproof Smart Biometric Keyless can register up to 12 fingerprints. You can register yours and those of the individuals that you have allowed to access your luggage.

    You can also register a finger on both hands in case one of them gets an injury in future.


    This is a keyless luggage lock.  You will use your fingerprint to unlock it. There’s a small window where you should press your fingertip and the lock immediately opens.


    With only 2.1 ounces, this padlock is extremely light. This however doesn’t make it any less tough. It is still an ideal travel lock that you can use.


    A strong zinc alloy is used to make the SMART4U Waterproof Smart Biometric Keyless Padlock.

    It makes it indestructible even by smashing. It is also weather proof and can survive even the harshest of climates.

    Battery powered

    This lock uses a Lithium Polymer battery. When fully charged, you can lock/unlock it up to 3000 times using your fingerprint.

    It always alerts you when the charge is low. This enables you to charge it good time. It comes with USB charge cable.

    Why buy the SMART4U Waterproof Smart Biometric Keyless Padlock?

    If you are looking for the best travel lock, this is perfect for you. All you need to open it is your fingerprint and it takes less than a minute.

    The lithium battery gives you as many as 3000 times lock/unlock chances.  It is very ultra-strong and no thief can break into your luggage. It is also easily portable due to its less weight.


    • Easy to carry
    • Long-lasting
    • Keyless
    • You can register many fingerprints
    • Comes with a clear user guide


    • You have to charge it to use it; when the charge is low

     #10 TSA Approved Security Cable Luggage Locks

    The 5 Colors TSA Approved Security Cable Luggage Locks are suitable for locking various types of bags.  Each set has five locks that come in different colors.

    These include silver, rosy, blue black and pink.  They are approved by the TSA. This means that TSA screeners can open them to inspect your luggage and then relock them.

    Durable zinc alloy

    These TSA Accepted travel locks are made of a durable zinc alloy. This material makes them powerful and not easily damaged.

    Easy to use

    The 5 Colors TSA Approved Security Cable Luggage locks are very easy to operate. All you need is set a 3-dial combination lock that is most convenient for you.

    You can easily reset it when you want to. Then, no one will be able to access your valuables unless you give them permission to.


    These are convenient luggage locks. They have a sturdy structure and compact size that makes them easy to carry.

    They also come with multiple colors. You only have to choose that which you prefer.

    Why buy the 5 Colors TSA Approved Security Cable Luggage?

    If you want to buy these travel locks, go ahead. They are easy to use and as long as you master your 3-digit password, you will experience no difficulties.

    They are portable and suitable to use when travelling. You can use them to lock various types of bags.


    • Easy to carry and use
    • Easy-to-master resettable 3-digit combination lock
    • They are durable
    • They come with a variety of colors


    • The lock cannot set if you don’t line up the tumblers correctly

    Best Selling Luggage Lock List:

    What to Consider When Buying the Best Luggage Lock

    The last thing you want is to lose your luggage whilst traveling. It is crucial for you to buy the best travel lock for safety.

    Here is a buying guide that you can use when you need to buy the perfect luggage lock.

    How you want to secure your luggage

    Where do you want to keep your luggage? If you want to secure it to a fixed object, you have to choose a lock with a long cable.

    Eye of your zippers

    The size of the eye of your zippers matters. The luggage lock that you select should be able to fit through for secure locking.

    Lock preference

    What do you want to use when opening your travel lock? You can use a key, a password, your fingerprint or a card. When buying a lock, you should go for what you deem as most convenient for you.

    TSA approval

    When purchasing a luggage lock, think about whether you want a TSA accepted lock or not. Luggage locks tsa can be opened by TSA agents during inspection.

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    Wrapping It

    Luggage locks are essential during traveling. These are some of the best luggage locks that you can use. They have different features.

    You ought to select that which perfectly suits your needs. You can choose TSA accepted luggage locks. They are efficient and TSA agents can open them for inspection.

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