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    9 Best Key Lock Box of 2020 Reviews – Keep Your House Safe

    Do you want to keep your house safe? If yes, you need an electronic key lock. See the best key lock box review!

    Losing a key can be a troublesome moment. It could be you, or your latchkey kid who loses his or her piece at school. Sometimes, it ends up exposing the entire house to insecurity. You don’t know who might find the lost keys and compromise your security.

    For this reason, you need a method that is simple to operate for residents, yet hard for outsiders. The best key lockbox rids you of the need to carry the keys wherever you go. This is ideal for homeowners, house guests, and the sitters.

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    Understanding the Best Key Lock Boxoutdoor key lock box

    Lock Boxes

    Lock boxes are secure places to store spare keys. A door lock box is mounted on the wall while an outdoor key lock box is portable. Some people use vehicle-mountable lock boxes when doing outdoor activities such as swimming, playing basketball or partying.

    Smart Locks Versus Smart Locks

    A smart lock uses digital keys to operate solid deadbolts. This means it doesn’t replace a lock box as you can use both or one type. It grants access to approved visitors. The majority of users prefer keypad-based smart locks to those that are smartphone-based. Others love to rely on the combination key lock box. But that depends on an individual’s preference.

    Tips on Selecting the Best Key LockBox

    When choosing the best safe lock box for residential or outdoor activities, you need to have a few things on your checklist. The ease of use should always be top of your mind. Other factors to consider include efficiency, price, and durability. The security level should guide you into buying the best key safe box. Be sure to consider the following when looking for a key storage vault.

    Security Features

    A good key lock will have an extensive list of features that make it more secure and tough to hack through. For instance, the box could have a video monitor for improved security. Others include a working alarm system. A digital key lock box is an elegant and straightforward way to provide efficient access and protection.


    wall mounted key lock box An electronic key lock box could either be for indoor or outdoor use- they have different features. The residential type is ideal for realtors, relatives or guesthouse keepers. A wall mounted key lock box makes it easy for authorized residents to get in but lock away strangers.

    A prudent realtor does not carry the keys wherever he or she goes. Instead, the realtor lock box makes it convenient for him or her offer convenient services to potential buyers. This permits sellers or leasers to share- with prospective buyers- the information needed to open the house. The realtor thus sells the home quickly.

    A commercial door key lock box could be used to secure a factory, school or office’s gate. This means it has to be more potent than the other varieties. The commercial lock box allows multiple employees to enter in a facility- but it restricts the general public. Entrusting keys to individuals in sensitive facilities could be too risky. A lock with a digital lock assures that every permitted individual has access.


    If it is easy to break a lock box, there is no need to have it in the first place. A good box, therefore, should be capable of withstanding hammers and hacksaws. If a malicious person notices the position of the key lock, they could hack into it. Thus, a heavy-duty metal construction such as brass and lead is ideal for security’s sake.

    Testing The Lock Box

    Understanding if a master lock key box fits the bill takes a few tests. First, hitting the box with a hummer reveals whether it can withstand shock. A good lock box would take lots of energy and the precision of a locksmith or expert to break using hammers or screwdrivers.

    Second, a Word lock, dual shackle, and push-button combination lock box could be better than ordinary lock boxes.

    Top Key LockBox 2020

    1. ORIA Key Storage Lock BoxORIA Key Storage Lock Box

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    Are you looking for a safe key storage box? The ORIA Storage Lock Box is perfect small combination lock box for you. It is an easy to use the high-security lock that allows you to set your own password. The 1.12 pounds lock measures 4.3 by 3.1 by 1.6 inches- so portable!

    The manufacturer advises you to get a password that is not easy to crack. You should not forget your password, as you may not have a way to get into your house. They insist that the box should remain closed to enhance its ability to withstand different weathers.

    It’s a multipurpose lock. It’s useful in both indoor and outdoor instances. These include pet sitters, vacation homes, and emergency entry. Anyway, here are the features of the ORIA Key Storage Wall Mounted Lock Box.

    Large Storage Capacity

    The ORIA Storage Lock Box can store up to 5 keys. You can, therefore, place your car, house and even office keys.


    It is made of heavy-duty steel and zinc alloy. This protects it from hammering or any other cause of damage.  It also makes it rust-resistant.

    Easy to operate

    This storage lock box is simple to install and operate. All you need to use is a 4-digit password combination that you MUST remember.


    The ORIA Key Storage lock box can be used both indoors and outdoors. The portability makes it ideal for both situations.


    • High-security key storage lock box
    • Anti-rust
    • Easy installation
    • Perfect Wall Mounted Lock Box


    • “A-A-A-A” and similar password combinations can easily be cracked

    2. Kidde KeySafe Original Slimline Key LockKidde KeySafe Original Slimline Key Lock

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    Open your door or safe at the touch of a button. Kidde Access Point KeySafe Original Slimline Key Lock has more than a thousand personalized combinations for you to customize.

    It is durable and classic. It is easy to use; even kids can operate it. The key lock contains a rust-resistant double wall. It can hold two standard keys.

    The key locker comes in certified packaging that won’t frustrate you. Inside, you will find a pair of keys. The lock has the color of clay, and; it is made of hard metal. You can choose white or titanium gray if you wish. It measures 7 by 3.2 by 2.4 inches. The weight is 1.5 pounds, which is quite portable.

    You can mount the lock box on walls or other surfaces that you deem safe. It grants key-less access to people who have the customized combination. Below are some of the features that make this lock to be part of the market’s best.

    Easy to operate

    The KeySafe Original Slimline key lockbox has an easy-to-operate push button. Even your kid can use the key lock. With a customized combination, key-less entry is possible and safe. Furthermore, you have over a thousand combinations to pick from.

    Wide application

    This key lockbox can be installed both outdoors and indoors. It is effortless to set up.


    This Original Slimline Key LockBox has a zinc alloy construction that makes it resistant to both weather and rusting. It is also double walled.


    • Weather-resistant
    • Easy to use
    • Available in white, clay and titanium gray
    • Key-less entry is safe


    • Only stores two keys

    3. Kingsley Guard-a-key Black Realtor’s Lock boxKingsley Guard-a-key Black Realtor’s Lock box

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    Why should you lose your keys while you can store them safely on our wall? Well, it’s normal for those working on a budget to fear to buy the best small lock box. Is the feeling the same if it goes for less than twenty dollars?

    Kingsley Guard-a-key Black Realtor’s Lock box offers you a choice of thousands of combinations. You only need choose one that is most convenient. It comes with clear directions on how to set up the code.

    It is small, compact and portable. Kingsley lock box measures 2.3 by 0.8 by 5.5 inches and weighs 7.5 ounces. It has a sturdy, durable metallic construction. Hey, you don’t need any batteries here!

    If color fascinates you, then it could disappoint as there is only a black variety. It has more storage than the majority of conventional lock boxes- it fits 5+ keys.

    The lock box fits over standard door knobs. The lock box is easy to set up and operate. The side loading key allows easy access. In case you get stuck, refer to the guidebook included.

    Long lasting

    The Kingsley Guard-a-key Realtor’s key lock has an all metal construction. It is therefore highly durable. The key lock is also weather-resistant. Neither rain nor temperature will affect its efficiency.

    Large storage space

    This key lock has more storage space than the majority of  lock boxes. It can store more than five keys.

    Easy to use

    The Kingsley Realtor’s Lock box is easy to operate. You have more than 10,000 combinations from which to choose.


    • Durable
    • Can store up to five keys
    • Easy to use and operate
    • Weather resistant


    • Easy combination resetting can pave the way for forgetfulness
    • Limited color choices

    4. Kidde AccessPoint 001795 Combination TouchPoint Entry Key Lockerkey lock box for multiple keys

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    Do you want the best key lock for multiple keys? If yes, you should be sure to look for one that has a sturdy metal construction and thousands of combinations. You don’t have to keep looking for it, though; I have one for you already!

    The Kidde AccessPoint Entry Key Locker is a convenient push-button key cabinet. It comes with numbered key tags and key rings. Kidde AccessPoint also has a lock location chart that you can always refer to. It is stronger than most key cabinets.

    The box has slots for you to hang 30+ keys, or more depending on their size. It measures 12 by 8.11 y 3.19 inches. Its weight is five pounds- perfect for mounting on the wall of a big building.

    Sad news for thieves and those who break into restricted facilities. The key lock is made from 16-gauge heavy-duty steel. The box comes with screw and wall anchors, which allow easy mounting.


    This key cabinet is secure.  The heavy duty steel (16-gauge) construction ensures that your keys are protected from malicious hammer and hacksaw users.

    Re-settable combinations

    The Kidde AccessPoint Key Locker has more than 1,000 possible re settable combinations. It’s simple to rest your code whenever you want.

    Easy to operate

    The key locker is easy to set up and use. It comes with wall anchors that allow for easy mounting.

    Clutch mechanism

    The Kidde AccessPoint Key Locker has a clutch mechanism that makes forced entry absolutely impossible.


    • Secure
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple possible combinations
    • Can store 30 keys
    • 16 gauge steel


    • Not waterproof
    • Not portable

    5. Master Lock Lock Box Wall Mount Key SafeMaster Lock Lock Box Wall Mount Key Safe

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    Technology is advancing, and so should you! The old days of carrying keys wherever you go are now behind us. Instead, you can use a digital combination way of unlocking the key safe.

    Ideally, look for one that is easy to use, durable and resistant to water and attack.

    The Master Lock Lock Box Key safe is a push button device that is quite easy to use. You can set and reset a combination that has up to 12 characters. It is created for permanent installation and multiple keys’ storage.

    The Master Lock Box 5423D is spacious enough to store multiple keys. It measures 3.125 by 3.50 by 2.25 inches and weighs 1.74 pounds.

    Mount on the wall, or use it for both indoor and outdoor activities. It may not be ideal for carrying along, but it can act as a good master lock box. You see, the durable design is for permanent installation. After mounting it, dial the alpha or numeric keypad to meet the combination. See features for yourself!

    Easy to use

    The Master Lock Key Safe is easy to operate.  You can always reset your combination. It has large buttons that are convenient for entering the code.


    This key safe comes with a durable design. It is weather-proof and has a strong metal body that is not easily destructible.

    Wide application

    This key lockbox can be used both indoors and outdoors.


    The Master Lock box has a large internal storage capacity and removable key hooks.


    • Durable
    • Easy to operate
    • Can store multiple keys


    • You must have the Master Lock Key to reset your code

    6.  KeyGuard SL-500 Punch Button LockboxKeyGuard SL-500 Punch Button Lockbox

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    Have you ever been entangled in a situation where you’ve misplaced the keys to your lockbox? It’s double trouble! KeyGuard SL-500 Punch Button Lockbox lets you secure keys using a code.

    You only need to remember and dial in your combination, and the safe will open. What’s better than that for less than thirty dollars?

    Apart from the easy-to-use keypad, it has a classic sleek protective cover for maximum security. The keypad feature gives keyless access to authorized individuals while locking out anyone who isn’t.

    The codes are easy to memorize, but you must never forget. Its keypad is simpler to use than the ordinary spinning dials.

    The safe can hold several other items such as car keys credit cards and fobs. The vault has a sturdy ABS interior and metal frame that camouflages with your wall.

    It’s a perfect solution for homeowners and vacation enthusiasts. Here are the features.

    Phone style keypad

    It comes with a phone-style keypad that makes it easy for you to memorize your codes.

    Highly secure

    The KeyGuard Punch Button Lockbox is absolutely safe for key storage. You can even store your credit cards.

    ABS Plastic coat

    The lockbox comes with an ABS plastic coat that is strong and has a metal frame. This protects its surface from scratches.

    Easy to use

    The KeyGuard Punch Button Lockbox is easy to use. The punch buttons are on the front hence visible.


    • Safe key lockbox
    • Easy to use
    • Phone style keypad for easy code memorizing


    • It is not weather-proof

    7. AdirOffice Secure 40 Key Cabinet Key with Digital LockKey Cabinet Key with Digital Lock

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    Sometimes you want a commercial-size key lockbox. This is ideal when dealing with several occupants to a building or facility, and locking out unauthorized individuals.

    Such a key safe would have to be spacious and sturdy. Besides, the vault should be convenient and easy to use. AdirOffice Secure 40 Key Cabinet is what you need!

    It comes with an electronic lock and can store up to 40 keys. This is pretty much like all the keys needed in a whole apartment building.

    This makes the safe ideal for realtors and guesthouse owners. Most definitely, this is not an outdoor lockbox.

    It has a buzzer as well as LED lights so that you are aware of every operation and its power status.


    The AdirOffice is made from 16-gauge steel hence it is highly durable. It also has an interior and exterior powder coating that is scratch-resistant.

    Easy to operate

    It has a programmable electronic lock that is pretty easy to use.

    LED lights indicators

    This key cabinet comes with LED lights indicators to inform you about everything that happens.


    This is the perfect key lock. It can store as many keys as forty.


    • Long-lasting
    • Buzzes and LED lights indicators.
    • Can store up to 40 keys


    • It requires batteries and electricity

    8. Master Lock Lock Box, Bluetooth Wall Mount Key SafeMaster Lock Lock Box, Bluetooth Wall Mount Key Safe

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    Why don’t you try a smart lockbox? Get all smart features such as Bluetooth connectivity, iOS, and Android alerts among others. The Master Lock Bluetooth 5441D will do all this for you!

    This electrical vault is designed for permanent installation. Replaceable CR123A battery powers the lockbox. The safe can monitor all activity around it.

    When anyone tampers with it, it will send you a push alter via the iOS and Android app. Get the Master Lock Vault eLocks app for your phone and sync with the safe.

    It is easy to use and monitor. The large storage key capacity makes it suitable for domestic and commercial use.

    The lock does not drain your money into buying network subscriptions. See the features below.


    This is the perfect key safe. You can monitor all the activities and receive low battery alerts. The free eLocks app which alters you in case anyone tries accessing your property.

    Shared access

    You can share access, permanently or temporary, with guests and friends through Bluetooth.  This privilege is absolutely free. You also don’t pay for any monthly data.

    Wide application

    You can use this Master lock box indoors and outdoors.


    • Easy to use and monitor
    • Completely safe
    • Bluetooth enabled shared access
    • Used indoors and outdoors
    • Weather resistant


    • Shared access can be insecure

    9. Master Lock Box Portable Key SafeMaster Lock Box Portable Key Safe

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    For less than thirty dollars, get a high quality, durable and portable outdoor lock box. Enjoy the easy-to-use small combination lockbox!

    The Master Lock Box Portable 5400D Key Safe is the suitable for anyone who likes camping or securing light treasures. It measures 5.19 by 9.25 by 1.88 inches and weighs 1.17 pounds which make it portable.

    A tough vinyl material covers the black colored lock box. It further has a durable die-cast zinc construction.

    It can store more than five keys. You can set your own combination and reset it, at your own convenience. Below, see why 5400D Master Lock Box makes the best lock box review.


    This key safe is highly durable. Master Lock Box has a metal construction that is vinyl coated to protect it from scratches.  It has a shutter door that keeps the combination dials safe. It also comes with a steel shackle that is hardened to resist cutting.


    The Master Lock Box Portable key safe can be used inside and outside your property. It has a large internal storage capacity that allows you to store multiple keys and cards.


    This key safe is easy to use. The four- digit combination is re settable and customization.


    • Durable metal construction
    • Resettable combination
    • Weather-resistant
    • Affordable
    • Small and portable


    • Many combination possibilities can be confusing at first

    List Of Best Selling Key Lock Box:

    Final Verdict

    By now, I am sure you’ve already made up your mind on the best lock box. Our review has captured several types of lock-boxes, for different purposes. The market has multiple brands for commercial, outdoor and domestic use. If you are looking for the best door lock box, it’s right here!

    Oh, the best key lock box review recommends one that’s tried, tested and proven to be efficient. In this list, Master Lock LockBox, Bluetooth Wall Mount Key Safe wins! It has smart capabilities which send you to receive notifications on your phone. It’s Bluetooth-enabled and has a sturdy metallic construction. It, no doubt, fits the bill! Which is your favorite?

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